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Institute for Advanced Medical Research at Mercer University!

As a university focused on education and research, our medical researchers help identify new and effective therapies for people to live their best life. Whether an illness such as depression, anxiety, PTSD or chronic pain like migraine and fibromyalgia affects them directly or a family member, organizations like the Institute work to help everyone affected through our medical research.

Our Physician

Founder and Medical Director Dr. Angelo Sambunaris has been involved in medical research for over two decades and is nationally-recognized expert in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Our Patients

The role of volunteers is crucial in the quest for knowledge to improve the health of future generations. People participate in clinical research for a variety of reasons, all centered around finding answers.

Our Partners

Medical research is sponsored or funded by universities, medical institutions, foundations, and pharmaceutical companies. Through our affiliations with universities and businesses, we can expand our circle of resources.

Medical Studies

Thousands of volunteers are needed to complete the clinical trials necessary to bring one new drug to market. FDA approval of a treatment requires data from more than 4,000 study participants!

Learn more about clinical studies and see if you qualify to participate in a study.

News from the Institute

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  • Historically, Egyptians used a product of poppies for melancholia. Recently, modern medicine has revisited this theory to see if opiates could have a positive effect for treatment resistant depression. The controversy of opiates and their......

  • I’ve had months at a time where I wake up and get that sinking, doomed feeling knowing that today is going to be a bad day. I have flat moods everyday and I just don’t......

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80% of individuals with mental illness saw improvement after treatment


Only 41% of adults with a mental health condition actually receive help


30% of college students report depression affecting their grades


100% of our participants receive two months of free aftercare once completing a study

Help us make tomorrow better than today—one patient, one question, one innovation at a time.