Institute for Advanced Medical Research Chief Medical Officer Angelo Sambunaris, M.D., Shares Insights on News Radio

Medical research expert interviewed on News Radio 106.7 in Atlanta

January 20, 2015, Alpharetta, GA — The Institute for Advanced Medical Research is pleased to announce that Angelo Sambunaris, M.D., founder and Chief Medical Officer at the Institute for Advanced Medical Research, was a guest of the Doc Talk radio show in Atlanta.  His interview with Jeffrey Gallups, M.D. will air on Saturday, January 24, 2015 on Atlanta’s 106.7.

During the interview Sambunaris shared his insights about the current state of medical research from the perspective of a world-class provider and researcher.  Sambunaris and his team serve the entire southeast, with a focus on the North Fulton metro area.  The interview is part of the organization’s commitment to educating the community about the value and need for individuals in research studies.

“The community plays an instrumental role in helping scientists develop new cures in a variety of areas. People who enroll in the these studies not only help advance medicine, they also receive a wealth of benefits including medical oversight, potential access to medications not available to the general public and education/support from a team of experts in their disorder,” said Sambunaris.  “The overwhelming majority of our participants say they are glad they took action and made the call.”

To hear the interview, tune into News Radio 106.7 or visit Doc Talk with Dr. Jeffrey Gallups.

About the Institute for Advanced Medical Research 

The Institute for Advanced Medical Research empowers individuals struggling with neuropsychological conditions to actively participate in their treatment. By educating and informing patients and their families, the team offers them a renewed sense of purpose. Rather than simply being victims of a disease, study participants become health care heroes, creating a personal legacy of advancing medical science.

Adhering to the highest standards of quality and strict ethical principles of medical research, the Institute employs a patient-centered approach that balances a commitment to safety with highly personalized care. Since 1998, the Institute has helped more than 3,000 individuals improve their quality of life while ensuring that millions more can benefit from access to innovative medical treatments. For more information, visit the Institute for Advanced Medical Research website at, or call 770-817-9200.