The Institute takes its educational mission to radio in Atlanta

The Institute for Advanced Medical Research is unlike any research clinic of its kind in the southeast. Our mission, to improve the quality of life, goes beyond medical treatment options and extends into community involvement and education. We are proud to have a full division of staff dedicated to educating the community at large on the disorders that we treat. My personal mission for education is inspired by my elderly grandmother, a retired nurse. She would tell me stories about the patients she cared for and explained that, “knowledge is power and patients need all the power they can get to help them overcome their disease”. This simple idea is what has led our clinic to open our doors and to teach, engage, and interact with this wonderful community we are proud to serve.

In October, our clinic participated in National Depression Screening Day. We screened several patients for symptoms of depression, but it is what happened after each individual screening that really impacted those patients’ lives. We educated them on what their score meant, what depression really is, and what steps to take next. During the month of November, National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, we traveled across the North Fulton area into senior centers, community groups, and retirement homes to provide seminars on Alzheimer’s and Memory Care, providing educational materials, one-on-one conversations, and sharing our experiences with as many people as we could. The response has been overwhelming and the amount of power placed into the hands of the community through education has been gratifying.

Our mission to educate expands across the airwaves of metro-Atlanta this weekend, and we could not be more excited. Tune in to News Radio 106.7 FM on Saturday January 24th from 12pm – 1pm to hear our Medical Director Angelo Sambunaris, M.D. as he shares with host  Jeffery Gallups, M.D. about the work we do and how we strive to serve the community through our research and educational resources.

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