My Medication isn’t Working Anymore: Maybe It’s Time to Consider A Different Option?

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 8.22.51 AM“My meds used to work, in fact they used to work great! I was doing better and slowly feeling more like myself. One day I noticed I wasn’t feeling as well as I used to and symptoms were coming back. I guess you can say it was a gradual change. I’ve been taking my medication regularly and there were no new stressors in my life but my medication wasn’t working anymore.  I don’t get it.” -Mary

This story is not uncommon. Many people find a medication that works well for them u the beginning.  However, when this medication fails to treat their depression it can lead to frustration.  For these individuals, the next step is looking for a different option to oget the treatment they need. There are many reasons why people look for new for treatment options:

  • Tried many different medications (none of them work).
  • Spent a lot of money on these failed medications.
  • Insurance restricts my access to medication.
  • Wasted a lot of time and still suffering with depression.
  • The side effects are sometimes worse than the condition itself.
  • Questioning the accuracy of my physician’s diagnosis and treatment.

If you have said “that’s me” to any of the above examples, then it may be time to see if Clinical Research is the answer to your situation. Clinical Trials evaluate new healthcare options for people with illnesses like depression under careful supervision by a physician. The focus is to determine the effectiveness of the medicine. There are many reasons to consider participating in a Clinical Trial:

  • No insurance is necessary and the investigational medication is provided by the clinic.
  • Gain access to new, innovative treatment options not available to other physicians.
  • Medical research may provide the opportunity to try the most recent, cutting-edge technology.
  • You become an active participant in your health care by being proactive and taking charge of your depression.
  • Your participation generates clinical data that may later help others with the same illness (and it feels good to know you helped others)

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