Myths about Binge Eating Disorder

Myth: Binge Eating Disorder occurs because of a lack of willpower. Those who binge eat are not limiting themselves enough.

Fact: Binge eaters do not have less willpower than people who eat normally. Binge eaters do have stronger and more frequent cravings for food. These cravings are due to chemical imbalances and specific genetics controlling the brain; Binge Eating Disorder is not a matter of willpower. Treating binge eating disorder is not a matter of strengthening self-control; it is a matter of alleviating the cravings by re-balancing the brain’s chemistry.  

At the Institute for Advanced Medical Research, our top priority is that you get the help you need in order to return to a high quality of life. You don’t have to continue to experience the symptoms of Binge Eating Disorder. Our on site physician can provide specialized care and monitoring to get the help you deserve. If you have any other questions or concerns about Binge Eating Disorder, please do not hesitate to call us at 770-817-9200.