Who participates in medical studies?

People who volunteer to participate in medical studies are looking for answers – for themselves and for others. Clinical study participants give new, breakthrough medications the chance to fight disease.

Adult Volunteers

Thousands of volunteers are needed to complete the clinical trials necessary to bring one new drug to market. On average, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approval of a treatment requires data from more than 4,000 study participants.

While more than 80,000 clinical trials are conducted in the U.S. each year, and 83% of Americans say they are willing to participate in clinical trials, the research community still struggles with finding enough volunteers to complete this clinical development program in a timely manner.


new or novel drugs were approved in 2016 to treat disorders ranging from cancer to muscular dystrophy to hepatitis C to seizure disorders.


of those where considered first-in-class, having mechanisms of action different from those of existing therapies.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteers are looking for answers – for themselves and for others. Participating in a clinical trial gives new, breakthrough medications the chance to fight disease. Did you know that a new medicine for Alzheimer’s Disease has not been seen in 13 years?

Adults looking for answers

At the end of your rope? Feel like you have tried everything? Know that you are not alone. The majority of our participants find themselves struggling with quality of life issues: interactions with family and friends, problems at work or school, an inability to enjoy activities or a general dissatisfaction with how they feel. Whether or not you qualify for a research study, our no-obligation evaluation will give you more answers.

No insurance, no problem!

Don’t want to deal with insurance? Don’t have insurance? Medical research is no cost to the participant and we will never bill your insurance or ever contact your employer. That means your information is completely confidential – data is never shared with insurance or the government. Ever.

Become better educated

By participating in a clinical trial, you gain valuable insights and become a true participant in your own healthcare, a fully-informed consumer. You’ll get the latest support and information about your disorder, like the latest publications and data regarding medical advances that relate to your situation.

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What Our Patients Say

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