Referrals Can Be a Family Affair


Hi. My name is Laura and I have been a patient at the Institute for four years.

I found myself always looking for a reason to nap; always tired both mentally and physically.  I would stay awake all night, thinking about the mistakes in my life.  Finally, I decided I no longer wanted feel like I was not “good enough.”

My brother suggested I meet Dr. Sambunaris to see if I qualified for a medical research study. We have both struggled with depression for our entire lives.

I went through a research study and now see Dr. Sambunaris for aftercare. I feel like myself again. The staff here made me feel totally welcome.  They see me as a person, not my disorder.  At first I did not know what to expect, but I have been so impressed with their confidentiality and helpfulness. You should check out Dr. Sambunaris’ credentials!


A follow up from our physician…

When Laura first came in, I could tell that she was distressed. I had a suspicion that it was depression because I was already treating her brother for depression. Although Laura was a bit apprehensive about my medical and psychiatric questions, she quickly became more relaxed as I explained our approach and the biological basis of depression. It’s as if everyone expects me to act like Freud. Anyway, once the interview was completed, the approach to treatment explained and prescribed, Laura began her journey to a healthier and better quality of life. I am glad to hear she had a good experience with us.