A thank you from Dr. Sambunaris – special discounts through May 1, 2018


I wanted to let my existing patients know about a new and exciting treatment we are now offering: ketamine infusion therapy.

What I have found over the years correlates with the medical science — up to 66% of patients are not satisfied with their current medication for

Depression     Anxiety     OCD      PTDS      ADHD

Fibromyalgia       Migraines

This could be because of less-than-optimal relief of symptoms, undesirable side effects or medications just seemed to stop working.

As a THANK YOU for your patronage over the years, we are offering a limited time discount on KETAMINE through May 1, 2018.

Patients seen in the last 12 months will receive a free initial evaluation (a $500 savings!) and a 25% discount on your initial dosing of 6 infusions (a $600 savings!)

You MUST call and book your appointment before May 1st to receive this discount.


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Best Regards,

Dr. Angelo Sambunaris Medical Director
5895 Windward Parkway Alpharetta 30004