Our History and Our Future

Our exceptional ethical standards, comprehensive patient management, and deep understanding and passion for research all make us the perfect partner.

Our Team

Designing and running a clinical trial requires the skills of many different types of experts. The Institute for Advanced Medical Research’s team focuses on creating a better world one individual at a time through the clinical evaluation and ultimately the approval, of new medications to combat medical disorders.

Since 1998, they have been a leader in advancing medical treatment via clinical trials in the area of depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, PTSD and ADHD/ADD.  Led by Dr. Angelo Sambunaris, Founder and Medical Director, our exceptional group of clinical professionals are involved with all aspects of clinical research from diagnosis to progression to options for treatment.

Angelo Sambunaris, M.D., C.P.I.

Chief Medical Officer and Principal Investigator
Adjunct Professor, Mercer University, College of Pharmacy

Sheila Namanworth, D.M.D.

V.P. and Wellness Officer

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Our Promise

When you are enrolled in a study at the Institute, we appreciate your participation. We make sure that you receive:

VIP Treatment

We promise you: convenient, ample appointment times; transportation stipend (when applicable); complete physical examination and thorough diagnostic assessment; and notification of any laboratory, electrocardiographic, or other findings and updates.

Personalized Care

Our process is more thorough than your basic doctor’s visit. We dig deep into your medical history and perform a full battery of screening tests, not only because we care but because the study protocols demand it!

Inexpensive Access to Care

You get support and medical supervision at minimal or no cost, whether or not you have insurance is not an issue.

Possible Compensation

Some of our studies provide a small reimbursement for travel and inconvenience expenses.

Social Benefits

When you participate in our studies, you have the opportunity to benefit society and help others. Your participation is vital to finding answers and solutions – perhaps for your own children.

Personal Education

As a study participant, you will learn about various diseases/illnesses. Our team of experts can fill in some of the blanks left by other providers. As leaders in the field of neuropharmacology research, we are intimately involved with all aspects of these diseases from diagnosis to progression to options for treatment.

Cutting Edge Treatment

The Institute’s partnership with the Mercer University School of Pharmacy makes it the only clinical testing facility working with students, faculty and other researchers in pharmaceutical academic collaboration. Access one of the nation’s largest team of pharmacological and research professionals right in your backyard.

A Chance to Leave a Legacy

A 2016 study concluded that the most important motivation for older adults participating in a medical research study was altruism, with 43% of study participants saying they were committed to “collaboration with science”.
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